Have you ever asked the question...how can be reelevant church in the times we are living in? We are certainly living in a lawless world and a dark era where sin is being tolerated and when black is white and white is black. There is an evil agenda being caried out and while many churches are trying to be reelevant they are losing an entire generation because of not wanting to represent what the world is hungry for. The world is not hungry for another 3D spectacular show type of meeting, they can get that anytime and anywhere in this technological era we are living in. On the contrary what the world is looking for is for a genuine experience with God!  They want to come to church and have an encounter with the supreme being...they are thirsty for the supernatural! Let's be a kingdom driven church!!! Let's bring heaven to earth as we are called to carry His presence and manifest it everywhere we go! 
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