Evangelism masterclass

Souls are His heartbeat and those who win souls know how to reach their community and nation! Through this episode, you will learn about supernatural, prophetic and relational evangelism and other topics that will help you prepare for the calling that every believer has been called to do in these times! Sharing our faith is the greatest privilege God has given us and knowing how to break the ice and engage in significant conversations will help us get the job done! We are all called to evangelism and winning souls is everyone's mandate! Through this masterclass, you will be empowered and equipped in evangelism! Ps Alejandro shares of his experiences in the field of evangelism over the last 20 years preaching the gospel since he was a child. We trust you will be blessed as you listen to this 90-minute session podcast.  If you would like to learn more about our ministry please visit our website: www.alejandroarias.org, have a blessed day and remember you too are called to make a difference in this world! 

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